Drawer Fronts

Our drawer fronts are the face of our product so we offer a range of styles to suit the aesthetic desires of yourself and your customers.

Each drawer is Australian made 16mm substrate MDF with white melamine backing and manufactured on site to a wide variety of sizes.

These vinyl wrapped smooth finish drawer fronts have multiple styles available, while the sculptured handle is available in stock each variation can be made to order, just speak to us about the minimum quantities required.

Each style is available in white. We also have the option of a raw front that you can paint in any colour or style you like.

Type 1

Sculpt Handle (Pencil Round Edge)

Type 2

Open Handle (Pencil Round Edge)

Type 3

No Handle (1/2 Moon Round Edge)

Type 4

No Handle (Pencil Round Edge)

Type 5

Open 45° Handle (Pencil Round Edge)

Type 6

Open 45° Handle (Chamfered Edge)